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The seven member Sri Hemkunt Sahib Management Trust, started by Havaldar  Modan Singh for the upkeep of the gurdwaras along the route to Hemkunt consisted of the following erstwhile members- Hav. Modan Singh (Founder President),  Lt. Col. Joginder Singh Mann (Secretary), S. Shamsher Singh (Treasurer), Raghubir Singh Kabaria, S. Gurbaksh Singh Bindra and Col. Amar Singh.

Hav. Madan Singh (1883-1960)

Born in 1883 near Chandigarh, Hav. Modan Singh was trained at the Bengal Engineer group centre at Roorkee. He joined the Corp of Engineers as a sapper and had also worked with the Survey of India at Dehradun. During his tenure at Joshimath with the Infantry Brigade, he was motivated to look for Hemkunt as described in Bachitra Natak. Along with Bhai Sohan Singh, Hav.

Modan Singh found the place that matched with the description. They thought of building a small gurdwara with meager resources. He was also responsible for getting humble structures built at Gobind Dham and Gobind Ghat. With and increase in the number of Yatris at the place, he founded a Trust to manage and attend to the activities of the gurdwaras.

Col.Joginder Singh Mann (1903-1997)

Colonel Joginder Singh Mann became the President of the Hemkunt Management Trust after the demise of Havaldar Modan Singh and held this esteemed position till the time of his death in1997. He was a graduate from the Chief College Lahore and won the Rivaz Gold Medal as an outstanding student of the college. He became the member of the Punjab Assembly in 1973 and was subsequently re-elected for the next term. The honorary rank of Colonel was conferred upon him by the British for his Rehabilitate lakhs of refugees from West Punjab. He also became the speaker of the Punjab Legislative Assembly during the time of Akai Government.

During his tenure as the President of the Trust, he visited the United States of America where he used to propagate the activities of the Trust and Sikhism.

S.Shamsher Singh (Born 1924)

S. Shamsher Singh migrated from western Punjab and settled down in Kanpur. A qualified engineer, he did his advanced studies from Germany in the early fifties. Amongst all the members of the Trust, he stood out as the most qualified and dedicated person. Possessing a magnetic trait in is personality, he has attracted people not only towards himself but also drawn them towards Hemkunt Sahib, he has  lead jathas which have numbered in thousands.

S. Shamsher Singh remains a very active member of the Trust as its General Secretary and spearheads all the developmental activities at Hemkunt Sahib. Undeterred by the distance, he regularly visits Hemkunt Sahib.

S .Raghubir Singh Kabaria (1909-1986)

Hailing from a poor family, S. Raghubir Singh Kabaria rose to the heights of wealth through sheer hard work, dedication and belief in Waheguru. He would sell steel scraps and second hand motor parts , thus earning himself the tag of "Kabaria" (Rag Picker). But this did not hamper with his efforts, instead he went on to amass vast wealth and property. Even year later, he did not alter his surname, thus reiterating his humbleness.

His sincerity spoke  volumes for him. He built a hotel in Kashmere Gate, Delhi which he named as "Tera Hotel" (Your Hotel) dedicating it to Him - the Almighty. S. Raghubir Singh Kabaria gave several donations to Hemkunt Management Trust for various construction projects. In fact, it was with his donations of Sri Hemkunt Sahib Gurdwara could be initiated. He also got many gurdwaras and orphanages built in Delhi and lent a helping hand to all and sundry. He was a great disciple of Bhai Joga Singh. Consequently, two schools founded by S. Raghubir Singh were named after Bhai Joga Singh namely, Bhai Joga Singh Senior Secondary Girls Schools in West Delhi. He believed in "proportion your charities to your income" and practiced this belief throughout his life. He was really a "True Sikh".

S. Baba Gurmukh Singh (1887-1979)

An industrialist from Ludhiana, Baba Gurmukh Singh was a humble and god fearing person. He was always ready to donate money for religious and charitable causes and got a gurdwara constructed in Ludhiana.

He floated a firm by the name 'Gurmukh Singh & Sons' which is internationally known for the manufacture of motor parts exported of Japan. After his death, his son also became a member of the Hemkunt Trust.

S.Gurbaksh Singh Bindra (Born 1911)

Having migrated from Pakistan, S. Gurbaksh Singh settled down in the northern region of India - first Dehradun and later in Rishikesh, where he has lived since the last five decades. The acquiring of land for the various gurdwaras at Rishikesh, Srinagar, Joshimath and Gobind Ghat can be exclusively attributed to him. A dedicated and deeply religious person, S. Gurbaksh Singh traveled  extensively throughout  the region of Garhwal for the procurement of land and succeeded in doing so.

He passed away on 18th Oct 2009 leaving a huge vacuum . He was the back bone of the trust and was admired by one and all. He was also the  initiator of the Gurmat Bal Vidyalaya. His main achievements  are school at the accommodate the poor who go for treatment to Chandigarh near P.G.I.

Colonel Amar Singh (1887-1979)

Colonel Amar Singh was nominated to the Trust by Havaldar Modan Singh. He retired as an Income Tax Commissioner and settled in Amritsar. Because of his health he could not take active part in the trust activities and died within two years of his association with the trust.


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