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1-  Brig. J.S. Sandhu (Retd.)

Retired at the rank of a brigadier from the army and has been constantly doing seva for the development of the Gurudwaras. Was elected Chairman of the trust on 16/11/09 after the demise of late S. Gurbux Singh Bindra.

Is highly respected amongst the people of Amritsar and is on the board of various institutions of Punjab.


2- S. Shamsher Singh

A founder member from Kanpur and General Secretary of the trust has dedicated a life span for its development. Is highly respected in India and abroad and is instrumental in bringing up most of the modernisation. He was the man who started the movement of taking jathas upto Shri Hemkunt Sahib when the infrastructure was at its lowest.

Till today he is actively taking part in all the works of the Gurudwaras and gives his valuable advice to the trustees for the betterment of the yatra.

3- S. Madan Mohan Singh Chawla

S.Madan Mohan Singh, a building contractor  by profession was inducted into the trust after the demise of his father late S. Sahib Singh. Took up the work of his father and started looking after the construction of new buildings at the Gurudwaras. Was made the treasurer and has been dedicating most of his time to the trust.



4 - S. Madan Singh

S.Madan Singh, an industrialist from Ludhiana by profession joined the trust after the demise of his father late S. Gurumukh Singh who had done tremendous work for this institution. He has been actively participating in all the activities of the trust.

5 - S. Janak Singh

S. Janak Singh a businessman from Delhi has been associated with the trust since long and was actively working for the Gurudwaras even before he was inducted as a trustee.

Is a very active trustee who does most of the work for the management in Delhi like procurement for the Gurudwaras and also takes active part in all the activities.


6 - S. Ravinder Singh

S. Ravinder Singh joined the trust after the demise of his father Rajwans Singh a resident of Lucknow and in all actively participating activities of the management.


7 - S. Narinderjit Singh Bindra

S. Narinderjit Singh Bindra a prominent businessman of  Rishikesh and Dehradun is the grandson of late S.Gurbux Singh Bindra and was inducted into the management after the demise of his grandfather. The youngest of all the trustees has a vision to modernize amenities for the yatris. Well Known amongst the people of the state is the local trustee with the management.


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