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The brain child of our founder trustees late S. Gurbaksh Singh Bindra and S. Shamsher Singh who when informed about the various families living in the adjoining areas of Haridwar and having their lineage to Lakhi Shah Vanjara thought of building a vidyalaya for the children of these and other poor families entirely free of charge and teach them Gurbani so that they can be proud of their religion as well as make a living for themselves.

The vidyalaya today imparts education as well as free boarding and lodging to almost 200 hundred children.

The children who have passed out of this School have done the management proud by being leading Raagis who are employed in various Gurudwaras all over India and the world . Countries like Canada USA Germany etc. in the west and Singapore, Thailand in the east are today hearing the melodious voice of these Raagis.

Those who donít have an inclination to singing or music are also doing well for themselves. We have children working in various Gurudwaras of the country in different capacities and some of them have even opened there own business ventures.

Where at one time late S. Gurbaksh Singh Bindra had a difficult time trying to convince the parents of these children to send them to Rishikesh and get them enrolled in the school it is a different story today and we have to refuse admission each year to many students due to constraint of space.

The trust is proud to see the prosperity of these people and feel that this can be marked as true Sewaa which our Gurus preached.



About Sikhism  |  The Sikh and their faith  |  Photo Gallery  |  Contact Us  Offerings & Contribution |  Home

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