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Above Gobind Dham, the main path to gurudwara Hemkunt branches off leading to the valley of flowers. The valley of flowers , a dale of exotic and rare flowers, is smallest national park situated  in the Himalayas which was created to protect the catchments area of the stream that flows past Gobind Dham. The beauty of this valley attracts a large number of tourists some of whom come trekking just to see this  place and others who come to visit Hemkunt . A three kilometer trek has to be covered to reach this valley , this trail passes through forests meadows , across rivers .and an  avalanche slope, before the floor of the valley opens up before it.

A glacial corridor, the Valley of flowers measures eight km. in length and two km in width . The floor of the valley slopes from 3500m to almost 4000m . The valley is a riot of colours during September when most of the flowers are in bloom. One can find flowers such as the Himalayan blue poppy , rare  varieties of primula and or orchids potentials and campanulas and many more.

The valley also has a grave amidst the flowers - one belonging to Ms. joan margaret Legge, a botanist who fell to her death while collecting floral specimens.


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